What Will Your Hog Roast Bentlis Flavour Be In 2024?

It’s a new year which means you’re probably thinking about the events that you need to plan for the year. There’s a lot that goes into planning such an occasion, but one of our favourites here at Hog Roast Bentlis is planning and thinking about the tastes and flavours that you want there with your caterer. Think about it, what is better than talking to a team of foodies like Hog Roast Bentlis about all your favourite dishes, your most sought-after flavours, and the sizes of incredible roast portions that you are after. It’s a food lover’s dream.

Even though we are typically a hog roast specialist, your caterers at Hog Roast Bentlis have a variety of menus to stoke your taste buds in 2024, so which flavours are you going to be picking for your event?

Hog Roast BentlisNew year, new you, but does that mean your tastes for your favourite Hog Roast Bentlis menu have changed too? We hope not, because the famous hog roast menu is once again here for those that just can’t get enough of the classics. Coming with a whole hog roast accompanied by fresh apple sauce, sage and onion stuffing, and golden, bubbling crackling, the classic hog roast menu is one that just cannot be beaten.

Maybe your tastes are a little more on the edge. The classic is all well and good, but you need a bit more smoke and spice in the mix. That would mean you’ll love Hog Roast Bentlis’ southern slow roast menu. This is our take on the spice rubs and the smoked meats popular in the American south. With scorching hot pepper sauces and sweet and smoky BBQ glazes, it’s not always for the faint of heart!

Or maybe you like your menus on the lighter side. Maybe you want the al fresco dining of the Italians, in which case we have that too. Or, maybe, you want the outdoor feeling but with a more British approach — our gourmet barbecue is for you!

It’s a tough question, but one that’s a lot of fun to answer, so why not come let us know what flavours you are looking forward to with Hog Roast Bentlis in 2024!