Corporate Hospitality

In the capable hands of Hog Roast Maltby your corporate catering is more than just a lavish treat, it can be a vital business tool in its own right. Our professional and dependable service helps businesses, both global and local, to bring the best out of their corporate events, or out of their staffs. We serve exceptional foods in a professional and stylish manner, the likes of which can potentially help to sway a prospective client who has been holding out, or to reward your team after a hard worked month, or to keep a networking event fuelled.

Businesses come to Hog Roast Maltby because they though they are getting something a little different without incurring the potential risks that an alternative service could have. Our foods, the most notable of which is the authentic namesake hog roast, are of an extremely high quality, and our highly skilled team help to imbue them with even greater magnificence by prepping and serving them in a lavishly stylish manner. It’s high-end dining without the added high-end cost! Below you will find a sample of our menus which we guarantee will get your mouth watering just to read about: