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Hog Roast DinningtonIf you want the very best in event dining then you have come to the right place. Hog Roast Dinnington can help facilitate all of your event catering needs this year; our stylish, professional dining service has helped to raise up many an event, our foods proving to be a huge hit at every event we attend and our exceptional serving style helping to make event dining easier to manage and better for guests. With Hog Roast Dinnington you can guarantee yourself a stress-free time as our team comes brimming with experience and skill, each of us dependable to turn out incredible service and help keep your event dining experience moving.

Our renowned hog roast also makes for an immense time at events. This is a dish primed for the heightened style and importance of event dining; its authentic and unique cooking style provides a touch of the novel, a glorious spectacle of fiery brilliance and aromatic joy in its own right, while its crisp and tender textures and delicious meatiness make it an unbeatable dish that your guests will be searching for a second, third, and maybe even a fourth time! One pig whole roasted on one of our mobile hog roasters can feed about one hundred guests, and that is before we even get to its many accompaniments such as its bubbling golden crackling, our sage and onion stuffing, perfect golden roast potatoes, and fresh and vibrant salads prepared in a variety of ways. With Hog Roast Dinnington you can expect an incredible dining experience that really screams “event” for all your guests to enjoy!

Hog Roast DinningtonBy contacting Hog Roast Dinnington today you’ll be taken to our event team who will chat to you about your event and what you want out of our service. Having provided details of your event they’ll be able to walk you through a couple of options that they believe will fit best to what you want and need, and from there it is simply off to the races! We’ll provide you a free quote on a variety of packages and then we can keep on customizing and refining your perfect menu and dining service until we have the event for you. Our services stretch for all manner of varieties: formal or informal, outdoor dining or indoor, buffet style or set menu, a gourmet barbecue or a classic roast, the tastes of the Mediterranean or the tastes of the American South, drink and canape options for receptions, meals for the meat lovers, the veggies, the kids, and all those in between!

Whatever your needs, Hog Roast Dinnington will strive to deliver a stylish, premium dining experience that doesn’t break the bank. You need only contact us today either through our email, calling us up, contacting the site through our contact forms, or even sending us a message on any of the main social media channels. Whatever option is most comfortable for you is the one to go for. Simply get the dialogue started today and before long you’ll have a perfect catered service to your event with Hog Roast Dinnington!