Hog Roast Machines Hire

Hog Roast Machine HireIf you are seeking your own means of providing some great catering for customers or party guests, why not have a go at doing your own hog roast? It is the ideal catering option for so many different types of events and here at Spitting Pig Doncaster, we offer a hog roast machine hire service in addition to our own high-end hog roast catering. We would like to tell you a bit more our hog roast machine hire packages, and why hiring a hog roaster from us can work so well for both professional caterers and enthusiastic amateur cooks alike.

A Hog Roast Machine To Meet Your Needs

Our hog roast catering equipment is designed and manufactured by industry leading specialist hog roast machine engineers at our UK head office. All of our hog roast machines are designed with the primary goal of cooking the perfect hog every time.

Another thing that all of our hog roast machines have in common is the ease with which they can be transported and their suitability for use in just about any outdoor environment, as well as plenty of well-ventilated indoor spaces too. We also have a range of models that differ in size and function, such a being able to cook two whole hogs in one go, prepare BBQ food, cook whole spit roasted chickens, or prepare other hot side dishes and jacket potatoes at the same time as cooking the hog.

Hog Roast Machine
Spit Roast Kit
Chicken Spit

We will determine which machine will be best suited to your needs based on your catering ambitions, the volume of food you want to prepare and whether you would like to cook other dishes too. We will ensure that the hog roast machine you hire ticks all of your boxes and helps you to make doing the catering for your event an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

Flexible Hog Roast Machine Hire Packages For Professional Caterers

Hog Roast DoncasterWhether you are a mobile caterer or you are seeking an exciting outdoor dining option for a restaurant, pub, hotel or campsite, doing your own hog roasts is a sure-fire way of attracting customers! Thanks to our flexible hire packages, you can benefit from the use of one of our hog roast machines just for a day to try it out, or for a longer period of time. Hog roasts aren’t just great for the summer months either – they make a fantastic addition to Bonfire Night events, Halloween parties and Christmas markets too, as well as many other occasions throughout the year.

If you are a professional caterer and you are considering buying your own hog roaster, hiring a Hog Roast Doncaster machine to try out will also give you a great insight into just how much it would enhance your catering capabilities before you make commit to the purchase.

DIY Hog Roast Catering For Domestic Use

If you are an amateur cook looking for a way to wow your guests with your culinary skills for an outdoor event, doing our own hog roast is the way to go! We have user-friendly and more compact hog roasters available for hire which are ideal for domestic use and won’t take up too much space. As ever, our friendly and informed delivery team will take excellent care for you and make sure you
are 100 percent happy with operating the equipment before we leave you to it.

Expert Customer Support

Spitting Pig Doncaster are the hog roast machine experts you can rely on. As well as making sure you have the perfect machine and hire package for your requirements and your budget, we will also deal with all of the logistics of getting the machine to your premises and collecting it again when your lease is up. We will even clean it for you, so you don’t have to worry about taking care of that. We can also supply anything else you need us to in order to prepare your own hog Spitting Pig Doncasterroast. This includes some superior free-range pork for you to cook yourself, if required, in addition to gas cannisters to power the machine.

Whether you have used a hog roast machine before or this will be your first time, we will make sure you have all of the knowledge that you need and you are fully confident in using it before you are left to your own devices. You will receive a full tutorial from our delivery team, who will provide specialist advice on how to get the most out of your machine, tips for achieving deliciously tender and tasty pork, and of course all of the key functions of the machine and health and safety
information that you need to know.

If you have any questions either before your machine arrives or whilst you are using it, you can always give us a call and we will be happy to help. We also love hearing feedback from our clients about their experience of using one of Hog Roast Doncaster’s cutting-edge hog roasters!