Hog Roast Thorne Scores Big At Youth Football Club’s End Of Season Awards Ceremony!

Hog Roast ThorneA few weeks ago, Hog Roast Thorne received an exciting call from Jake, who was knee-deep in organising his youth football club’s end-of-season awards ceremony. Eager to reward the hard work and dedication of the boys who had spent countless hours on the field honing their skills, Jake wanted to treat them to a relaxed and enjoyable evening. With the event set to take place at the football club and family members invited to join in the celebration, Jake knew he needed a professional catering service to ensure everyone was well-fed and satisfied.

Jake’s search for a trustworthy caterer led him straight to Hog Roast Thorne, where our catering manager, Steven, was eager to make this event extraordinary. After discussing options, Jake decided to go with our BBQ Menu – a gourmet selection of grilled meats that promised to enthral the senses and satisfy hungry footballers and their families alike.

On the big day, Hog Roast Thorne went to work, rustling up a sensational spread that left everyone in awe. From our handmade beef burger patties to succulent sausages, chicken kebabs, and sticky spareribs, every dish was full of flavour. And for those who preferred a plant-based option, we offered vegetarian burgers and sausages that were equally tasty.

Hog Roast ThornePaired with sides like pasta salad, coleslaw, and mixed sweet potato and regular fries, the laid-back feast was an instant hit, setting the perfect tone for the evening’s festivities. As the guests mingled and enjoyed the food, anticipation mounted for the awards ceremony.

With cheers and applause, worthy players were honoured with coveted trophies and medals, recognising their dedication and talent on the field. And to top it all off, a raffle was held, with proceeds going towards new football strips – a fitting end to a night of celebration and camaraderie.

As the event came to a close, guests continued to enjoy the atmosphere, indulging in more delicious food from Hog Roast Thorne’s buffet. For Jake and everyone involved, it was a night to remember!

Hog Roast Thorne feels honoured to have been part of such a special occasion, helping to create memories that will last a lifetime. We wish the team luck in their upcoming football season!