Come Rain Or Sun, Hog Roast Sutton Delivers!

Hog Roast SuttonWe keep on getting ourselves ready for the spring and the summer and the return of outdoor events, but just when the weather looks to be finally brightening up again it can still pull a quick trick on us at the last moment and throw yet another showery gale our way.

As a caterer, there is little Hog Roast Sutton loves more than outdoor events, especially when it means we can get the barbecue out, or use our signature hog roast to its fullest effect. With spring we have been excited to get back outside doing what we love, but every day it feels like it is just yet more rain. Even on the days where the sun does come out, we’re only ever moments away from the weather once again turning in an instant and scuppering our plans.

Thankfully, the Hog Roast Sutton team prides itself on its adaptability. We work to make events feel seamless, even when everything is not quite going to plan, so as we have come out to more and more events with planned outdoor portions, we have worked well to keep the dining experience going even when the weather plays havoc with initial plans. Come rain or sun, the Hog Roast Sutton still knows how to deliver for our customers and events!

Hog Roast SuttonWith the British weather we know that we basically always have to keep our foods covered from the elements. It is why for outdoor events we still always arrive with our own serving tent. It is perfect for those extremely hot days to keep the food (and our chefs) protected and the rainy days too. For some events we will also have a larger marquee tent (if the event doesn’t already have one set up) for guests to dine under too. Our mobile roasting machines also allow us to respond quickly to the weather too. They can easily be packed up and moved if the weather changes without warning, meaning your hog roast experience does not have to be entirely halted just because of a bit of rain!

We can only pray that the sunny days are soon going to come and finally stay, but until then we’ll keep doing our best to adapt to the showers.