Hog Roast Intake

Hog Roast IntakeWhen it comes to event dining, having a dedicated caterer for your event is always going to be better both for your event and for you than trying to do it yourself. Events are hard enough to plan and manage, so handing off the dining experience to a seasoned caterer that knows how to put on a show is going to help you out massively. That is why, if you are having an event anytime soon in Intake and Doncaster, you should bring in the renowned hog roast catering of Hog Roast Intake.

Dining is such an integral part to the event experience that you want a caterer like Hog Roast Intake in who values that experience and works to imbue it with as much style, spectacle, professionalism, and deliciousness as possible. Hog Roast Intake is all about creating an event out of the event dining experience; our signature hog roast provides all the spectacle that any event could ever possibly need as it cooks fresh in the authentic spit style at your venue. Guests can watch in awe as our whole pork roast turns away over the spit, roasting to a perfect golden complexion, before then being served fresh and hot straight from the spit to their plate. There is not anything else quite like it in dining.

Amongst our many other roast and grilled menu offerings, Hog Roast Intake are confident that we can find the perfect dining experience for your next event in Intake. We are available for all types of bookings. Weddings, corporate events for local businesses and large brands, or your own private events held at home, in your local social or sports club, or a booked out venue of your choice – Hog Roast Intake can serve to your tastes.

Hog Roast IntakeCatering Of Every Variety In Intake

Our signature hog roast is just the first step in creating your perfect menu. We are specialists in anything roasted or meaty, but we also have plenty of love for our vegetarian and vegan friends. For each of our mighty roast mains we have a vegetarian equivalent, such as our BBQ pulled jackfruit, stuffed peppers, or grilled veg and halloumi skewers.

To pick your perfect menu you need only call or message our site today and Hog Roast Intake will be with you as soon as possible.