Hog Roast Hexthorpe

Hog Roast HexthorpeSouth Yorkshire is no stranger to roast dining of course, but with Hog Roast Hexthorpe we reckon we have a roast experience that can still throw out a few surprises at your next event in Hexthorpe or Doncaster.

As our name might suggest, Hog Roast Hexthorpe specialises in pork roasts, though our team are capable of putting their special touch upon just about any type of roast. We are a caterer that prides ourselves on creating memorable dining experiences for events; an experience that could be akin to an event all of its own. What makes our catering service so special, and why it will go down a particular treat at your events in Hexthorpe, is that our signature dish is made in the authentic hog roast style. That is to say, we cook a whole pig fresh at your event in the spit style for all guests to watch in amazement.

The hog roast turns over hours, roasting to a perfect crispness and gold colouring, before then being served fresh straight from the spit into a variety of different dishes. A perfect carvery with all the trimmings, fresh hand pulled pork rolls, pies, you name it! Hog Roast Hexthorpe is here to create an exciting dining experience that every guest is going to love; our roast is just how we go about doing it!

Hog Roast HexthorpeA Menu To Call Yours In Hexthorpe

Dining with Hog Roast Hexthorpe is akin to a partner dance. It’s a back and forth exchange that needs both to work. When coming to us we will try and learn as much as we can about your event and tastes. This will allow us to offer you free quotes on menus and services we believe will best suit your event. It could be a wedding, a corporate event for your own business or workplace, or a private party at your sports or social club, or any booked venue – indoor or out. Either way, we will put our all into creating a menu that you can call yours, and even after that, you can continue to customise as much as you want.

Enjoy a variety of dishes and services with Hog Roast Hexthorpe. All we ask is that you make that first call today!