Hog Roast Barlborough

Hog Roast BarlboroughHog Roast Barlborough are a fine meat caterer with a team of expert staff here to provide the very best in culinary dining for events all throughout Derbyshire and the village of Barlborough. We provide a service like no other on the market with a unique speciality in hog roast dining done through a blended method of traditionality and modern flair. Our goal for events is to make the dining experience one of immense style and class, one that furnishes events with a lavish service filled with spectacle and superb tastes. Our mode of speciality dining ensures a memorable dining experience for your events – one that you might very well call an event of its own!

Our main attraction is our incredible spit-roast, a dish so good that it has endured for centuries across the world as a firm event favourite. We provide the authentic hog roast experience for your event, which if you don’t know means a whole pig sits atop a spit over a hot bed of flames and turns over hours to an almighty level of roast crispness. It is an excellent spectacle in its own right to watch at work, and its tastes are somehow even better!

We are available to hire for any type of event and will always work flexible to your budget so that no one need miss out on the great taste of our slow-roasted specials. Be it weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, small dinner parties and more, we always deliver with a unique food experience unrivalled in the business. By hiring Hog Roast Barlborough, you are receiving the refinement of a perfect hog roast experience that will have guests clamouring forever after as its taste and spectacle is assured to light up any event!

Better Bites in Barlborough

Hog Roast BarlboroughHog Roast Barlborough provides an extensive range of food items to satisfy every craving. Our many meat and veggie main options are complemented by a host of freshly prepared sides, from salads to potatoes every which way, barbecued delights, small canapes, roasted fancies, and so much more! You can enjoy a variety of service styles too to ensure our dining works into your event properly.

So, don’t delay: for a unique dining experience guaranteed to impress call Hog Roast Barlborough for your next event now!